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Katzman Group is a fast growing company and we take pride in delivering innovative and agile custom solutions in a wide variety of areas, but with special focus on Energy Trading, Refining and Production to the commercial and government sectors. We are also very proud of our fabulous workforce and the innovative achievements they have made for our customers and industry.

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Marketing Research

We develop precise plans that identify growth opportunities for our & your projects.

Moving into new territories and categories is a radical strategy that can create major potential for incremental business growth. To succeed, it requires a precise understanding of market dynamics, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape of the specific markets that we target. This is precisely what the Katzman Group global network delivers.

Our Core

Our Core Values

Katzman Group core values have been the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for.
Even as our company and the world have grown and evolved, we have never changed the commitment we share to our core values. They are:

Safety and Health

We share a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Stewardship

We find science-enabled, sustainable solutions for our customers, always managing our businesses to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources both for today and for generations into the future.

Respect for People

We treat our employees and all our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect, fostering an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel.

Highest Ethical Behavior

We conduct ourselves and our business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws, striving always to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.