Nestor Cables Ltd


Nestor Cables develops, manufactures, and sells optical and copper telecommunication and industrial cables, as well as fiber optic cable accessories. Additionally, different instrumentation cables, such as ones used in data centers and oil refineries are part of our line, as well as special and field cables which are suitable for border and access control. We also supply special solutions such as FTTA and FTTH according to our customer’s needs.

Nestor Cables is part of a strong, high-quality Finnish cable construction tradition whose roots date back to the era of Nokia Cables. Nestor Cables Ltd. employs approximately 80 people who have a wealth of experience in the field. Our plant in Oulu started production in 2008 and manufactures between 60,000 and 80,000 kilometers of cable per year, depending on the product mix, and we deliver to customers around the world.

In addition to an extremely strong market position within Finland, Nestor’s main marketing areas of operation are in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, the Balkans, the USA, the Middle East, and East Africa. International sales and marketing activities are based in Vantaa in the capital region, while domestic sales for Finland and those for the Baltic States are located in Oulu. Nestor has its own sales office in St. Petersburg, which manages sales for Russia and the CIS countries, and company representatives can be found in the Balkans, Sweden, Norway, the Middle East, Algeria and the United States. Nestor Cables is a member organization of the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom ry).


A long tradition of high quality, extensive expertise, innovation and environmental friendliness coupled with an ability to react quickly and effectively to the ever-changing needs of the customer and the challenges of each special environment provide Nestor a strong operational foundation for producing high-quality customer-end solutions.

Various pilot and development projects help maintain our company know-how and promote development within the Finnish cable industry. A sense of strong domestic appreciation along with Finnish know-how help create high export value.
Nestor Cables Ltd. provides its customers with state-of-the-art, comprehensive information network solutions. Our product line includes optical communication cables, copper telecommunication cables, instrumentation and NesCon connectivity accessories. In addition to the above, the range also includes special solutions such as FTTH and FTTA, as well as so-called optical ”field” cables. All our products are manufactured in Finland, from carefully selected materials employing the highest Finnish standards.

Nestor Cables manufactures products for telecom operators, contractors and wholesalers for industrial, governmental and military applications. Our products are developed in close cooperation with the customer and tailored to meet their special needs with appropriate product solutions.

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The factory in Oulu started its production in 2008 and has continued to be one of Europe's most modern production facilities in its size category.

Optical fiber cable

Fibre connections are becoming continuously more common and contain, within the same subscriber line, almost unlimited possibilities for Internet, speech and TV services. Services in health and well-being, safety, remote work, education and entertainment, high-definition TV and express messaging – fibre optics represent the only solution which can reliably meet the needs of households in the future.

Nestor Cables’ comprehensive range of optical fibre cables offers dependable solutions for various installation conditions and special requirements.

NesCon connectivity

Nestor Cables’ NesCon product family includes essential installation and connection accessories for fibre optic networks, from ODFs to joint closures and terminations. Nestor Cables is continuously developing the NesCon product family in cooperation with its customers by seeking new and innovative solutions. In addition to the numerous individual NesCon products, we also provide complete solutions for fibre optic networks.

Our own product development capabilities and expertise, reliable and first-rate partners, as well as our own production and testing process guarantee Nestor Cables’ position as a reliable, flexible and cost-effective supplier of fibre optic accessories.

Nestor Cables guarantees the compatibility between NesCon products and Nestor Cables’ optical fibre cables.

Copper telecom cable

Nestor Cables’ telecommunications networks-based copper cable range includes not only underground and aerial cables but indoor installation, central and cross-connection cables as well.

Nestor Cables has also invested in copper cable production and uses the most modern equipment in the world.

Drop wire, access network aerial cable.
Indoor cable for access network.
Polyamide insulated cross-connection cable.
Universal copper cable for direct buried or duct installation.
Access network cable for aerial installation.

Instrumentation cable

For the needs of industry and construction, Nestor Cables offers copper-conducted instrumentation and automation cables as well as central and signaling cables manufactured with the most modern equipment in the world.

Instrumentation cable for indoor digital and analog installation.
Instrumentation cable for indoor digital and analog installation.
Armoured instrumentation cable for outdoor digital and analog installation.
Indoor signaling cable.
Instrumentation indoor cable for automation, process control and audio systems.
Instrumentation indoor cable for automation, process control and audio systems.