Reka Cables Ltd

Reka Cables produces medium and high voltage cables, installation, control and power cables for the needs of industry, construction and electricity supply.

It has plants in Finland, and its key market areas are the Nordic and Baltic countries and Russia. Reka Cables is part of Neo Industrial Group.



Hyvinkää plant

The Hyvinkää plant specialises in the manufacture of power cables. The production process covers the entire production chain from raw materials to finished cables. Hyvinkää makes PVC, PEX and LSF plastic compounds and aluminium and copper wires for cables.

In addition to production activities, Hyvinkää also houses the top-level management of the company, domestic sales, export sales and the purchasing department. Research and development activity for cables is also concentrated at Hyvinkää.


Riihimäki plant

The Riihimäki plant manufactures medium- and high-voltage cables. Thanks to investments made between 2006 and 2008, the capacity of the plant has doubled. The cable production processes at the plant go all the way from aluminium wire drawing to the testing of the finished product.


Keuruu plant

The Keuruu plant specialises in installation-, control-, connection-, special fire-resistant and halogen-free cables.

The plant’s modern packaging centre can deliver to the customer a product from our extensive range packed just as the customer wants, quickly and reliably. There are many different sizes of package, and the numbers in storage are optimised according to customer requirements.


Standard Cables for demanding use

• High-quality cables for standard use
• Well-balanced installation and operating properties
• Lead-free PVC compounds

From the installation properties point of view, the PVC materials used in Reko cables are durable and long-lasting. They do not spread fire either individually or in a bunch.

The PVC materials are safe in all standard operating conditions.


Halogen-free cables for new-generation requirements

• Halogen- and PVC-free
• Easily recyclable materials
• Low smoke production in fire
• Slow fire spread

The materials used in Rekoclean cables are halogen-free and create only slight amount of toxic fumes in fire. They do not spread fire either individually or in a bunch.

These cables are recommended for use in premises which are housing many people and from where evacuation is difficult. Such locations include; day-care centres, hospitals, restaurants, schools, nursing homes for the elderly and public buildings.


Fire-resistant cables for the ultimate in fire safety

• Maintain their circuit integrity in fire
• Halogen- and PVC-free
• Low smoke production in fire
• Slow fire spread

Flamerex cables are suitable for all locations, where electrical supply must be safeguarded even in case of fire. They are halogen-free and do not spread fire when in a bunch.

In a fire, the circuit integrity of the cable is maintained, thanks to non-flammable and insulating mica tape wound over the copper wires.


Medium- and high-voltage cables – from the top of dry-vulcanisation technology

• Voltage levels 10 kV - 170 kV
• First-class CDCC-insulating technology
• Outstanding service reliability

Dryrex medium- and high-voltage ground cables are manufactured at Riihimäki, at one of Europe’s most modern cable production plant.

The significance of simultaneously-produced dry-vulcanised three-layer insulation is emphasised when voltage levels rise to 87/150(170) kV.

The range of Dryrex-products enables the underground distribution of electricity in accordance with the requirements of an urban environment. This has proven to be a reliable way to hedge against storm damages.