UREA 46 GOST2081-92(46N)


1 ton "big bags"
1 ton big bags

50 kg bags

Product: UREA N-46
Grade: Agricultural
Empirical formula: H2N-CO-NH2
Product use: Fertilizer
Grade of Purity: GOST2081-92(46N)
Specification: 46N Prilled
Nitrogen 46 minimum
Moisture 0.3% max
Free Ammonia 160 PXT PPM maximum
Biuret: 1% maximum
Prilled free flowing, treated against caking
Harmful Substances 100% free from harmful substances
Melting Point 132 degrees Celsius
Granulation 1-4mm 90% minimum
Colour Pure white
Odour Odourless
Boiling Decomposes before boiling
Radiation Non radioactive
Physical state Solid 20C, 101 KPA white granules
Specific Gravity Solid 20C, -1, 335t/c/m
Floatability in Water sinks and mixes
Molecular weight 60.065